Our Services

Personal Training - Weight Loss/Weight Gain

A fitness training which will provide you a certified professional fitness trainer for your daily workouts and a customized exercise program keeping your health in mind. In the end, you should have somebody whom you can rely on!


Functional Training for Routine Life

It involves exercises which helps you in daily tasks of life. Here, we mainly focus on the multijoints or multi muscles in your lower and upper body so as to lead a more quality life. Functional training actually has roots in physical rehabilitation.


Body Toning/Strength Training

Body toning & Strength gives you a lean physique with less body fat levels and more ultimate slimming moves. We work on your muscles so that you love yourself more and be more confident while flaunting them off!


Kick Boxing

Kick boxing is a form of martial art where the sport is solely based on kicking and punching. Sometimes this art can be used as a quick cardio workout. 20 minutes of this session is equivalent to an hour long workout. It is also a very useful technique for defending oneself. It also helps you in reducing your waistline and toning your body. It makes you measure your strength, stability and concentration levels.


Self Defense

This is an important technique that everyone across age should learn and practice. Our personal trainers help make you learn few tips and tricks to defend yourself in case of any emergency or personal attack. It is imperative for you to be aware about few touch points in a human body which makes your every hit more impactful. Your one hit should be like your last hit to get you out of trouble.


Yogic Balance

Yoga which takes it pride in originating from India, is very impactful way of body transformation and maintaining yourself healthy. The focus in this form of exercise is on the body postures and the right kind of breathing. Daily 10 minutes of a yogic balance can help you in going fit in life forever. It can be performed by anyone of us irrespective of our age and body type.