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What our clients say about us!

“Personally Fit has some excellent trainers with them. Their fitness sessions are well customized for my needs and are well packaged with motivation and guidance.” – Saurav Gandhi
“I enjoy each session with my trainer who is from Personally Fit. He pushes me that extra mile to help me achieve my goal. Three months that I have now been enrolled with them, I see a remarkable difference in myself.” – Srishti Tiwari 
“I like the professionalism in which Personally Fit handles its clients. They not only keep record of your fitness but keep a check on your overall health as well and advise suitably on both exercise and nutrition.” – Karan Singhal
“I do functional training session with my Personally Fit trainer and it gives me a good energy boost in the morning and keeps me going all day. Good job and keep doing the good things.” Mishti Bajaj 

Sweat Today Smile Tomorrow!

Have a heart and keep it healthy

Make your every RUN count!

Don’t WISH for it... WORK for it!

You won’t regret that extra PUSH!

DO IT because they said you couldn't

Eating Mantra!


Wrong choice of food is always unfavourable to your health. Everyday an individual should consume a variety of food to keep themselves fit.

Below is the consumption pattern which you should follow everyday :

• Fruits & Vegetables should be 33% of your day’s meal.

• Roti, Rice and Potatoes should also form 33% of your day’s meal.

• Milk & Dairy Foods should be 15%.

• Fish, Egg, Meat and other sources of protein should be 12%.

• Sugary foods like dried fruits, cookies, cakes should be 7%.

• Eat right and Stay Fit !

  • Fruits & Vegetables 33%
  • Starchy Foods 33%
  • Milk & Dairy Foods 15%
  • Proteins Intake 12%
  • Sugary Foods 7%